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For a short time, this website offered an opportunity for graduates of Arenvzille High School to leave comments in the "Online Raider." (The Raider was the name of the school yearbook for Arenzville High School.) Below are the entries which appeared in the guestbook.

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Vicky (Manker) Smith
Houston, TX
Graduated elsewhere
9:27:26 AM

My sister informed me of this website and it has certainly brought back some fond memories. I applaud your presentation and professionalism. The annual burgoo was definitely the "event of the year" for me growing up. I wish that I could attend on a more regular basis. I invite all of my past classmates to email me so that we can chat about old times. I've been wanting to attend a class reunion for some time now, but have not been able to obtain that information. We moved from Arenzville to Jacksonville in the summer before my Sophomore year in high school. So, I did not get to graduate with the people with whom I grew up. I'd sure like to hear about how they are doing. Hoping to hear from all of you !!

Sara Clark Burrus
Triopia graduate
3:07:54 PM

OK, so I wasn't a graduate of Arenzville High School, but I do remember the Raiders, the fire escape (which one of my brothers WAXED just before a fire drill), and the HUGE study hall (which another of my brothers tried to blow up with a cherry bomb!), and I also remember being in total awe of those magnificent high school kids!

Alberta Meyer Thompson
Jacksonville, IL
Graduated elsewhere
5:01:55 PM

I enjoyed viewing this web site. I have very fond memories of teaching 1st & 2nd grades at Arenzville Grade School in 1943 & 1944. I invite any students or others who remember me to e-mail me. I would be anxious to see pictures from the 40's if available.

Gary Nelson
Cairo, Egypt
7:23:49 AM

Wonderful 12 years of grade, middle and high school in Arenzville. I can't imagine a better place to have done it.

Robert Peck
Rockville, MD
Graduated elsewhere
8:03:43 PM

Remember very well playing "Hungry Squirrel" in 1st and 2nd grade - teacher was Lena A. Hays. She also read us a chapter from 'The Bobbsy Twins" every week. Also remember that Nela Treadway had eyes in the back of her head in 6th,7th & 8th grades.

David Nienhiser
Dallas, TX
Triopia graduate
6:23:24 AM

Anything I say here can and probably would be used against me! Suffice to say I have lots of memories of Triopia (most being good)! I've been told there were no more snake dances after ours in '70 - that true?

Tolani Holmes
Los Angeles
Graduated elsewhere
5:44:52 PM

Ron Kleinschmidt
Vancouver British Columbia Canada
8:16:31 PM

Steve Brogdon
Triopia graduate
8:01:44 AM

who remembers the skate board races down the side walk to the first grade building?

Rachel Schone
Arenzville IL right now I am at the school~~ (Triopia)
Still in School
2:35:46 PM

I am 12 years old Arenzville is a samll town but I love it and me and my best friend Wendy are here to say that WE LOVE ARENZVILLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Peggy Hart Ong
8:55:33 PM

We have lived in Texas since the mid-60's and currently spend much of the year traveling in our motorhome. I have many happy memories of ACHS & the Class of '45. Since my parents still live in Arenzville, we visit as many times as possible.

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