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Molly Daniel, webmaster
Charleston, IL
Former resident of Arenzville
Just checking to see if the new guestbook for the Year 2002 will function. Happy New Year, everyone! I hope to see you at Burgoo 2002 in September!
9:03:35 AM

Bill Niemann
860 E.Camino Diestro,Tucson,AZ 85737
Former resident of Arenzville
was raised in Arenzville.Classmate of Willard Peck Attended the 2001 Burgoo. Pies were wonderful
9:51:25 PM
Jenny Schone
Current resident of Arenzville
I love Arenzville!!!  Go Trojans!
2:48:09 PM
Drew Clark
Boulder, Colorado
Former resident of Arenzville
I was raised in Arenzville and now live in Boulder, Colorado.  They don't do Burgoo here. Maybe you could start franchising the Burgoo.
12:46:14 PM
Walter R. Arenz
San Diego, CA
Wish I lived in Arenzville
Great website, I am a GGGG? grandson of  Francis Arenz, My dad & I would like to trance the sons, grandsons & g grandsons of Francis and find out were they were born, lived & died. My father is Francis A. Arenz; son of Walter Arenz whose picture is on the website. Who was his dad & grandson?
11:12:38 PM
Dick Parks
Mesa, Az
Never lived in Arenzville
Please tell Ross and June Houston thanks for stopping to see us and we hope they had a good trip going back to Illinois
9:41:09 AM
Melba (Mason) Liss
Emerson, Georgia
Former resident of Arenzville
Great site and thank you, Molly.  Burgoo 2001 was wonderful.  Met many friends and the burgoo was outstanding!!!  Would enjoy hearing from friends, family or classmates from Arenzville.  A wonderful community!
11:42:25 AM
Doug Stock
Kingsford, MI
Former resident of Arenzville
This weekend is my 30 year class reunion from Triopia High and my Dad's 60 year reunion from Arenzville High. I really wish I could make the reunion, BUT, I have work obligations to fulfill. We (my wife and I) will be in Arenzville the week after the reunion so we hope to see everyone then.. Keep up the great work on the site, Molly.
9:00:26 PM

Schuyler County
Never lived in Arenzville
I was wondering if someone could email me with who is in charge of the Saddle Club over there.  Our family would like to join- Thanks!
1:48:29 PM
Chris Parks
San Jose, CA
Former resident of Arenzville
Just reminiscing about my childhood with a co-worker and the topic of Burgoo came out of the recesses of my mind.   I found it very difficult to describe to a native Californian the concept whereby a town of 500 (yes they have towns that small) grows to 1,000+ for two days of fun, food, and people simply taking the time to share their good fortunes and partake in old fashioned get-to-know-your-neighbor conversations.   My life lessons learned from all the good people of Arenzville have taken me places I could only have dreamed while roaming the halls of Triopia.  A little homesick in CA.  Chris  
6:44:38 PM
Wish I lived in Arenzville
I was just checking the comments and noticed the coment from my "little" brother Doug Stock.  Man, it's been 30 years since he graduated from school.  Man, one of us getting older and I'm glad it's not me.
8:48:27 PM
LaDonna Thompson
Wayland, Iowa
Wish I lived in Arenzville
I moved from Arenzville when I was 14 years old. My parents were James and Martha Thompson. I love coming back to see all my old friends when it comes time for Burgoo, but last year I didn't get to come because I moved out of my parents' home and I wish I never did. I don't think I will ever find a place like Arenzville with all the kind people that there is in that small town. I don't think I will ever forget and sooner or later I might just have to move back in the future.
9:42:44 PM
Adi Hilsdorf-Smith
San Diego, CA
Never lived in Arenzville
But I have been to Arenzville!!!!!!!!! What a great community! I went to Illinois College in near by Jacksonville.  My best friend from high school is Monica Burrus(her family is from A-ville). I spent a few weekends there visiting with Roberta Clark, the Jack Burrus family.......truly some of the best people one could ever wish to know!
11:55:45 PM
Deb Schene
Carmel, Indiana
Never lived in Arenzville
Attended Triopria Jr/Sr. High.   Miss being near everyone I love.  Wondering if the burgoo is going to be as tast y as always! 
11:36:23 PM
Sarah Welch
Current resident of Arenzville
Arenzville is a dated-back town. My grandpa, now living in Bay City MI, was pastor of Trinity Lutheran Church, my dad's brothers and sisters used to live in Arenzville.
8:16:09 PM
T. Michael Arenz
Coolidge, AZ
Never lived in Arenzville
The last name should be a clue.
8:29:55 AM
Tom Vancil
Scottsbluff NE
Never lived in Arenzville
But I did grow up in Beardstown.
2:09:44 AM
Tom Vancil
Scottsbluff NE
Never lived in Arenzville
But I did grow up in Beardstown. About  15 years a bunch of us who where originally from the area but now work for the BNSF in Neb.decided we were homesick and decided to throw a Burgoo! We made about 50 gallons and invited everyone we knew.Everyone was impressed with our finished product,even the people who didn't know Burgoo from Boiled Boston Butt.  
2:14:37 AM
Jim Morrison
Former resident of Arenzville
Hey Larry Cox...  Now that your have retired get your brothers and sisters together and come to the Burgoo.  See you there Saturday, Duke
1:03:57 PM
Former resident of Arenzville
I'm making some changes on the web and want to be sure that this feature is still working... I hope you are all ready for Burgoo 2002. I have just cleaned out my freezer to make more room for this year's brew. I also have some very nifty T-shirts I will be bringing next week, and the sale of them will help support the cost of maintaining the web page. As always, your contributions are much appreciated! Please stop by the Village Library on Friday or Saturday and buy a T-shirt.
9:55:52 PM
Never lived in Arenzville
Hi dears, i was in the internet for serching my name, so i saw the Wessler agency. I like your little village. Specally your strange burgoo. May i can get some information about your German ancestor. have a nice day yours B. Weßler
1:14:38 PM

Mr. & Mrs. Hays and Family
Pekin / Peoria Area, IL
Never lived in Arenzville
Hi and thanks for an awesome visit online - great work!  We certainly plan to visit Arenzville!
2:08:40 PM

Jordan Gregory
Former resident of Arenzville
I Love Arenzville its a small town lots of Nice people im only a kid but life has been all about Arenzville I love IT! And I HOPE U WILL 2! By the Way GO big Blue Go Trojans and we have the Best School Triopia Trojans!
9:53:42 PM

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