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Karmen Kruse
Salem, Illinois
Former resident of Arenzville
Greetings.  I was just viewing the site again after a few months absence.  Noticing the 2000 Guestbook was ready, I thought I might be the first entry. I'm not going to presume to be the first (or second) entry of the Millenium, because I'm one of the few, it seems, to think this is the last year of the Second Millenium.  Either way, it's still a great site to visit.  I was showing the site to some friends this morning and trying to explain Burgoo to them, as I'm sure many of my fellow former Arenzville residents have done.  The site makes the task so much easier, and enjoyable.  One important statement the site makes, besides being informative, is to show the pride we all have in our hometown and surrounding communities.  Once again I commend you Molly on your commitment, and that of all those who help you and support this site.      HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL
8:50:11 PM

Christopher Knox  (FERFE)
Atsugi, Japan
Never lived in Arenzville
Lived in Chapin and went to Triopia. Great job! I was really suprised to see somthing like this. Would like to say hey to the great class of "94" and feel free to drop a line or two. Happy New Year to all and God Bless!!
6:06:06 AM

Ann Hackman
Former resident of Arenzville
I grew up on a farm just outside of Arenzville. I am Bud &Mary Hackmans Granddaughter. I am John &Hannah hackman daughter.  My uncle Ed told me about this site. I thought I would check it out. I'm a 1989 grad of triopia.
8:27:44 PM

Walt & Bernie (Zulauf) Mason
Jacksonville, IL
Former resident of Arenzville
This is  great to have the little town of Arenzville on the internet. We love reading all these letters . Great job Molly!
9:19:32 PM

Terry Schone
Washington, IL
Never lived in Arenzville
My dad's family is from Arenzville. My Uncle Ronnie, Aunt Sara, and my cousin Mike (and his family) live in Arenzville.
10:12:04 PM

shannon wood
Current resident of Arenzville
arenzville is a very fun town
10:41:10 AM

Andy Arenz
Twin Falls, Idaho
Wish I lived in Arenzville
What a great name for a town! But Burgoo I never heard of. Your festival is best reason I have heard of yet to want to visit Indiana... or is that Illinois? Loved the photos and info.
4:08:35 PM

Never lived in Arenzville
2:54:07 PM

Amy Christell
St. Louis, Mo.
Former resident of Arenzville
I was looking at the web page and memories of my years in Arenzville came rushing back.  Good memories...and memories that cause me to wish that I could go back.  I miss Arenzville and the people very much.  I'll always remember Arenzville.
10:43:40 PM

Courtney Arenz
Kearney, Nebraska
Wish I lived in Arenzville
I'm an "Arenz" and can't believe that there is a town named ARENZVILLE!  I haven't ever been there, but would really like to visit sometime and learn about my heritage!  I would love to come to the Burgoo Festival some day!  Thanks for the wonderful website!  It looks like a great town!
2:51:44 AM

Jim Shannon
Davis, Ca.
Former resident of Arenzville
I and the rest of the family are planning on attending the burgoo this year.  Does anyone know for sure when it will be held?  Is it the first or second weekend in September?
11:49:45 AM

carol lutkehus
north platte nebraska
Never lived in Arenzville
if anyone could tell me more about the lutkehus  family histroy i would relly love it. my ddads name is harold d. lutkehus, his dad was wilber  lutkehus and they came from chapell nebr.  thank you
7:49:47 PM

Terry Jezewski
Miami Beach, Florida
Former resident of Arenzville
I used to live in Arenzville as a kid.  My sister (Billie Jo Smith) and brother (Earl Smith) still do; as well as my father, Billie Smith.  I remember playing in the old grain silo near the railroad tracks (near my Aunt Janet and Uncle Steve's (Smith) house).  My grandfather and grandmother are buried in the cemetary there.  My cousin Mike Walters needs someone to buy him a phone.  Can someone help him and his mother (Trina) get out of the dark ages, please--hahaha.  I want to say hi to my cousins Julie, Karen, Steph..and also to Karen's Ex--Russle.  I had my first drunken experience at their house...and ended up lighting my arm on fire---(LONG STORY)---Greetings to all in lil' ole Arenzville--From Terry Jezewski (Son of Earlene)
12:31:03 PM

Katie (Winkelman) Jockisch
Ludowici, GA
Former resident of Arenzville
I found this website by mistake.  It made my day.  I lived in Arenzville my whole life until about a year ago.  I was getting kind of homesick but now I feel better.  All the pictures of Arenzville really helped, I even found one of my little brother.  My grandparents are Marlin and Beady Winkelman and Paul and Debbie Bridges.  My parents are Pam Winkelman and Eldon Winkelman.  Good work on this website.
3:51:48 PM

Mr Tracy Diuguid
Village of Royalton
Wish I lived in Arenzville
Sounds like you have a great community.  We also have an annual festival every year in which all the money raised goes to help each organization which has a booth.  We are small in size, 1200.  I'm a volunteer in Lions Club, civic cultral committee, festival committee, and elected official on town board.  I wish we had a community more like yours.  Keep up the good work.
8:43:47 PM

Frank & Michell Angelo
Corner of Fredericks  & Henerieta
Current resident of Arenzville
HiYa Folks. From the first day here, everyone has made us feel very welcome. Thanks to all & we look forward to living in your Communitee
10:44:35 PM

Betty Arenz
La Jolla, California
Never lived in Arenzville
My husband was Bob Arenz (Robert Francis).  He was born in Denver and grew up in Wisconsin.  He passed away in 1985.  He had some  pictures of the old Arenz home and of Francis Arenz, founder of Arenzville.  I gave them to my son John of Pollock Pines, CA , he sent them to you, and a couple of them ended up on the web page for awhile.  Once in the early '70's Bob was traveling and detoured so that he could go through Arenzville.  He stopped at a gas station at the edge of town and asked where he could find someone who knew about the history of Arenzville.  It turned out the owner, the man he was talking to, was the town historian!  He took Bob in baack and showed him a scrapbook in which was Bob's father's obituary.  He had lived here in southern California and had died here in 1964.  Maybe my kids, grandkids, and I will make it to Burgoo someday!
[webmaster's note: the Arenz family pictures are still here. Go to http://www.burgoo.org/history/arenzfamily.html]
7:53:36 PM

Josh Lovekamp
Clemson, SC
Never lived in Arenzville
I was just browsing the site, I am the son of Jim and Karen Lovekamp, who are the children of Glen and Doris Lovekamp and Lorenz and June Kleinschmidt, current residents of Arenzville
12:26:18 PM

Angie (Vail) Berg
Smiths, Alabama
Never lived in Arenzville
Love your site, I used to live in Industry and Colchester, makes me home sick.  I am also tyring to find out some info on some cousins of mine that used to or still do live in Arnezville, Helen Fair Brown and Marty Fair???  Anyone know them???  I would love to get in touch with them! Thanks, Angie.
4:54:43 PM

R. Wayne Arenz
Columbus, Ohio
Never lived in Arenzville
Great, great, great grandson of Francis -- surprised and pleased to find a web page!
8:33:08 AM

Pat (Schone) Trost
Peoria, IL
Wish I lived in Arenzville
I am the grand-daughter of John & Verna Schone (one of Dean Schone's kids). I just happened to find the Arenzville web site while doing a search under burgoo on the internet. I am really impressed with this site and it was good to see pictures of a place that's so close to my heart. I have lots of memories of visting every summer with cousins. This city has left its mark on this city girl's life and though I never lived there (always wished I did) I sometimes call it 'home'. Thanks to Ronnie & Sarah and Jack & Rosemary and cousins for all the good memories we still have. I'll be visiting this site often!!   <><  Pat Trost
12:32:06 PM

Molly Daniel
Charleston, IL
Former resident of Arenzville
I enjoyed seeing so many people turn out for the Memorial Day ceremonies at Arenzville last weekend. Chapin had a wonderful dedication ceremony of their new veterans' memorial, too. (See Springfield, IL newspaper article - May 30, 2000)
6:58:48 PM

Susan Shannon Nikolai
St. Louis, Missouri
Former resident of Arenzville
Think this web page is great and since we finally have e-mail at home I can check in from time to time to see what is going on in Arenzville.  My family and I are planning to go to the Burgoo this year for the first time in many years.  Am looking forward to seeing familar faces.  Have included my e-mail address and would love to hear from any old friends.  Molly you deserve a lot of thanks for the work you put in on the web page -- thanks. 
9:21:26 PM

Judy Delinski
Peoria, IL
Never lived in Arenzville
Just was showing my Mother the Arenzville website.  Really enjoy it and look forward to your updates.  Thanks for keeping us posted.
9:55:42 PM

Ron Kleinschmidt
Vancouver BC Canada
Former resident of Arenzville
Congratulations. It's great to view info about  the home town. To  the class of '54 and friends, please contact us, would love to chat about the good times-or phone 604-2714433
12:19:40 PM

Roger Bartelheim
Riverside, Ca
Former resident of Arenzville
Congratulations on a great website! Your dedicated work shows. Looking forward to this year's pictures.
5:57:13 PM

Nancy Wentworth
North Andover, Massachusetts
Never lived in Arenzville
I am going to be visiting with my cousin who lives in Arenzville and I was so happy to see a web page so I could learn about your community.  I can't imagine living in a town with only 400 people in it. I am looking forward to my visit. See ya soon!!
1:21:47 PM

Paul Salley
Branson. Missouri
Never lived in Arenzville
|10:44:02 AM

Joseph Cates (mayor's son)
Current resident of Arenzville
I'm glad that my hometown has some part in the internet, but they should update the website  more often.
12:34:36 PM

Judy (Arenz) Smith
Elyria, Ohio  44035
Wish I lived in Arenzville
2:21:17 PM

Judy (Arenz) Smith
Elyria, Ohio  44035
Never lived in Arenzville
7/13/2000      I enjoyed reading all about Arenzville.  I also enjoyed my couple of visits to your friendly town.  I've been dabbling in genealogy and thanks to my Aunt Mildred Arenz (widow of Arnold) I have a lot of information.  My father was Hartford Arenz, his father Perry and grandfather Oscar.  I'm interested in hearing from any long-lost relatives.  Sincerely, Judy
2:24:06 PM

Mark Hilse
Bourbon ,MO
Current resident of Arenzville
Hi Arenzville, I am a member of the spirit canyon band that played the burgoo festival last year and also we are playing saturday this year .WE are looking forward to it this year .also we would like for some of you to e-mail us at mshilse@fidnet.com.
3:01:37 PM

Beverly Arenz-Pettit
Tarzana, California
Wish I lived in Arenzville
Hello to all, my name is Bev Arenz-Pettit and my father's name was Bernard Arenz from Winona, Minnesota. His father was Joe Arenz from St. Joseph's Ridge, Wisconsin. Just wondering if anyone in Arenzville is familiar with the family history behind Francis's founding of the town. I have just learned of your charming town from my brother Bernard Arenz, Jr. or Bozeman, Montana. We would surely love to visit your town someday. Thanks for the great website! It's informative and certainly conveys a great sense of community spirit! Keep up the good work!
1:21:28 PM

Tiffany Winkelman
Belleville, IL
Former resident of Arenzville
Hello all! MY name is Tiffany Winkelman.  Some of you may now my father, Richard Winkelman, or maybe you even knew his parents, Leland and Patricia Winkelman.  I am looking for some information to get a family tree together and since Arenzville is my daddy's hometown i figured this was a good place to start.  So if anyone out there, relative or not, had any onfo that can help I would appriciate it. I will be at the Burgoo this year, just like I am every year.  So look for me, I'll be the one with the little boy on the John Deere peddle tractor.  Thank You
8:06:07 PM

Diana Andrade
Never lived in Arenzville
I am looking for the Ken Bradbury web site.
7:52:40 AM

Molly Daniel
Charleston, IL
Former resident of Arenzville
Diana, I think you might be talking about the web site for Creative Ideas, Inc., which publishes some of KB's work. If so, try this address:  http://www.creativeideas.com/
2:08:54 PM

John Divver
London England
Never lived in Arenzville
Fascinated to see the name 'John Divver' on your WW1 Roll of Honour.  My grandfather shared this name, as do I, but am unaware of relatives in the US.  Love to hear from any out there. Best regards, johndivver@yahoo.com
10:13:19 AM

Richard Winkelman O'Fallon Il
Former resident of Arenzville
Happened to be searching the web for "Arenzville" and ran across Bill Andersons itinerary page. According to it he is scheduled to perform at the Burgoo on 9 September at 8:30.  See you all there.
1:18:44 PM

Jim Stock
Orlando, FL
Former resident of Arenzville
I really enjoy reading all the comments in the guestbook and seeing all the people  again thru these web pages.  great job.  Jim
5:56:44 PM

Phil Mcrackin
Virden, Illinois
Former resident of Arenzville
Burgoo always reminds me of broiled rats and road kill caserole.
4:49:03 PM

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