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John C. Clark
Houston  TX
Former Arenzville resident
3:05:43 PM

Great web site! I'm sure I'd like it even if I didn't have the great fortune to be from Arenzville.

Blanche L. (Lovekamp) Chipman
109 w. 17th/Beardstown, IL
Former Arenzville resident
3:54:51 PM

I was born in Arenzville in the upstairs of my fathers Creamery shop. Willie Pecks service station is now located there. I was the 7th child of Robert and Minnie (Roegge) Lovekamp. We moved to Beardstown in 1943 and I have lived here since. I married Don Chipman and we have 2 children. Matt, married with 3 children, in the US Army living in Tampa Florida and Lesli married and living in Tucson Ariz. I still have a brother Glen Lovekamp, and many cousins in Arenzville. My sister, Letha, past away in 1996 and she and her Son, Tim, and our parents are buried in Arenzville. My sister, Janet passed away in January, 1998, My sister Frances is at Heritage Manor South here in Beardstown, My brother. Dale Lovekamp is retired and living here in Beardstown. My brother, Byron passed away in 1983 and My Sister, Alice lives in Denver, Colo. Our daugher was married this spring and we had a reception here in Illinois and we had 63 immediate family members there. Robert and Minnie would have been very proud.

John Finley
Louisville, Ky.
Not a resident of Arenzville
8:06:52 AM

NICE web site! A lot of work went into it, it is plain to see. But how can you have burgoo without some rabbit and/or squirrel in it?

Terry Penza
Vernon Hill
Not a resident of Arenzville
9:22:58 AM

Great page!

Michelle Wetzel
Owensboro, KY
Not a resident of Arenzville
3:23:11 PM

Hi, I came to your site at the request of my brother, Kevin Pearl. I live in Owensboro and have been involved with our International Bar-B-Q Festival for the past three years. I just thought I'd say hello to you and let you know that it looks like you live in a nice little town!

Tara Lovekamp
Raleigh, North Carolina
Not a resident of Arenzville
8:28:46 AM

Hi! My grandparents, aunt, uncle and cousins live in Arenzville and both of my parents are originally from Arenzville. My grandparents are Glen and Doris Lovekamp and Lorenz and June Kleinschmidt. My parents are James Lovekamp and Karen Kleinshcmidt Lovekamp. My cousins (who still live in Arenzville are Jamie, Julie, and Jenny Kleinschmidt. My family and I usually make the trip to Arenzville every Christmas. My family attends Trinity Lutheran Church.

Josh Lovekamp
Not a resident of Arenzville
10:53:20 PM

I am from Augusta, Georgia which is about two and a half hours east of Atlanta. All of my immediate family is from Arenzville. My grandparents are Doris and Glen Lovekamp and Lorenz and June Kleinschmidt. My parents are Jim and Karen Lovekamp and are both originally from Arenzville. Every Christmas we drive up from Georgia and visit with all of our relatives and friends.

Jeanie Kaszubski
Orland Park, Illinois
Not a resident of Arenzville
11:46:27 AM

Wow! You did well Molly!! Arenzville brings back memories of many restful, enjoyable visits to the Clark family farm way back when Molly was still in junior high (I think.) We would get our emotional tanks filled up just being around Bob and Roberta Clark. They had a knack of making us all feel right at home and were always willing to feed how ever many of us freeloaders who would show up, often in my old light green VW beetle! Yes, I've tasted (and enjoyed) the famous Arenzville Burgoo! I highly recommend it! Hi to all the Clarks! You are loved!

Ken Bradbury
still in Arenzville
1:00:46 PM

Great website, Molly! You all should hear about how I met Molly in a sleasy Paris motel a few years ago! Ken Bradbury

Ken BradburyMolly & KB in Paris, France
still in Arenzville
Current resident of Arenzville
1:04:22 PM

Gosh.. I got too hurried. I met webmaster Molly while traveling with some Triopia students... and the hotel wasn't all that sleasy, and we were in the lobby. Great website!

don cates
Current Resident of Arenzville
8:04:42 PM

molly the page is much more than expected, just great. thanks for all the work

Vicki Lang
Muskogee, Oklahoma USA
5:00:47 PM

It is really great Arenzville and THE Arenzville BURGOO now have a web site. I can almost SMELL the BURGOO. I'll be there in 98!

My grandpa "Doc" Clarence Lea Dyer was born and raised in Arenzville, as was his mother Katie KRUSE who married John DYER who owned a general store and had been a Union Civil War soldier. I was pleased to learn from the on-line history book that my great aunt "Rickie" Fredricka (Mrs. Clem DAHMAN) owned a millinary and ladies furnishing store. Katie and Rickie's parents were Hie A. and Wibka THOLEN KRUSE/KRUSSE.

I LOVE Arenzville and the people are great!

Jim Lovekamp
Augusta, GA
Former resident of Arenzville
10:33:01 AM

Hello everyone! My brother Rick let us know about the web site, which is very impressive, and since two of my children have already visited the guestbook, I thought I would also. Our family has many fond memories of our many visits back home to Arenzville, and look forward to our next trip back at Christmas. Save us some burgoo!

Patti Christell
Springfield, Illinois
Former resident of Arenzville
12:38:48 PM

Hello, Arenzville! I am so glad that you are online. It is important for the rest of the world to know about the Best Little Town with the Biggest Heart in all the World. Glad you have Bradbury's sign...The true census...Love to all..Patti

Drew and Lainie Clark
Boulder, Colorado
Former resident of Arenzville
6:47:13 PM

Great page, Molly We've lived in Colorado since 1971, but Arenzville is still home. Lainie wants to get in on the Burgoo sponsorship, but she wants to know what it would cost at the TEASPOON LEVEL.

Cele Burrus
Former resident of Arenzville
6:51:09 PM

Molly, the burgoo pages are great, but you left out the DELICIOUS HAM sandwiches(of which I am the chairperson)! We first saw the pages in Oregon at Nick Harville's and again here at Tom and Sandi Pritchard's house.

Roberta Clark
Former resident of Arenzville
6:52:58 PM

Good work, Molly! How will we ever know how much burgoo to make this year? Is there going to be a Burgoo Shopping Network?

Sandi & Tom Pritchard
Berthoud, CO
Not a resident of Arenzville
6:55:57 PM

So after being told how great burgoo really is, can you fax some?

Jay Taylor
Hope Mills, NC
Former resident of Arenzville
11:16:02 PM

I think this is the best thing since cotton candy. To see our little bitty town on the internet. Eric Schnitker told me about it. Now that I've seen it, I don't believe it. I think it is really, really great. If there is anything I can do in the future to help, please don't hesitate to E-mail at MJTPPG@AOL.COM.

Keep up the good work. Will be checking this site almost every day.

Roger & Sara (Clark) Burrus
Urbana, IL
Former resident of Arenzville
12:36:15 PM

Great work, Molly! What a treat to have our little hometown on the web! We are also enjoying the comments from other viewers and we're trying to spread the news. Special thanks to the Arenzville village board for their support and vision for this excellent community project!

Randy Taylor
Fayetteville, NC
Former resident of Arenzville
10:30:22 PM

Really enjoyed the web page and added to my favorites. Will check back frequently to see the latest editions to it. Randy

Michelle (Privia) Maloney
Fort Riley, Kansas
Former resident of Arenzville
9:23:16 PM

It's hard to believe that Arenzville is on the WWW! The pictures are great- I love the one of my dad in first grade. When I tell people how small my hometown is, they are shocked but I tell them it's the best in the world. That's why I visit so often! Mom and Dad are still there of course, and my brother Chris, his wife Angel and new son Matthew and my sister Sarah is at home and going to WIU. My husband is a Lieutenant in the Army but we hope to get back closer to home one of these days, especially so our son Alex can spend more time with the family. Meanwhile I'll check back to this site when I get homesick. Thanks!

Tricia Warrum
Trinity Lutheran School
Current Arenzville resident
3:05:46 PM

I am so happy to see, that others can find out more about our very special town-that I am proud to call home

Molly Daniel
Charleston, IL
Former Arenzville resident
11:03:08 PM

I've created a new guestbook for former students of the Arenzville schools, but I can't seem to make it work properly. This is just to test that our first guestbook works correctly.

Richard L. Winkelman
806 W Madison, O'Fallon Il. 62269
Former Arenzville resident
9:31:46 AM

Great web site. See you at the 1998 burgoo.

Debbie Clark Schnepper
Rochester, illinois
Former Arenzville resident
10:57:18 AM

Hi Molly, Great Website. I visited it for the first time last weekend with Mark and Melissa Schnepper while visiting in Wisconsin. I love the Burgoo and try to attend every year. This year am hoping to bring my new grandson, Nicholas Clark Schnepper. Debbie Schnepper

Becky Clark Decker
North Aurora, Illinois
Former Arenzville resident
2:31:58 PM

Good job, Molly!

There's no place like home!

Robert Peck
Rockville, MD  20852-2460
Former Arenzville resident
6:57:50 PM

Born and raised in Arenzville until 1945. Moved to Beardstown, IL. Joined Navy 1949. Retired 1979 as LCDR. Having fun with Meier/Meyer genealogy, and helping Janice Fox with marriage, birth and death records for Cass County. My brother is Willie Peck, Arenzville, IL.

Janice Lovekamp Fox
17264 Virginia Rd., Virginia, IL 62691
Former Arenzville resident
7:23:02 AM

What can I say! I was born in Arenzville in April of 1931, was graduated from Zuschska High in 1949 and Married Lee V. Fox in August of 1949. We lived various places until we finally settled in St. Louis in 1956. In 1976 I received my Associate Degree as a Library Technical Assistant and was employeed in the Library and Archives of the Jefferson Memorial Bldg. in Forest Park (now known as the History Museum). For a lover of history that was an unforgettable experience. We stayed in St. Louis until Lee retired and have been back in Cass County for eleven years (1998). I can only say that no one could have grown up in a better place and a better time than in Arenzville! I may have a Virginia address but we live in Arenzville Township, just 6 miles north east of "home". Who could ask for anything more!

Linda Kroells
Wish I lived in Arenzville
9:38:06 AM

Hi, I was given your site by some one from cass co historical & geneology soc. If you get a moment please contact me. regarding some of the first settlers in Cass co. Thanks

Mark Herbst
Never lived in Arenzville
9:28:44 AM


My aunt and uncle live in Arenzville; Ross and June Houston. They visited here in Colorado last week and told me about your website. Please tell them that we enjoyed their visit here although it was too short.


Mark Herbst

Vicky (Manker) Smith
Houston, TX
Former Arenzville resident
10:07:10 AM

Hello Arenzville!! I certainly miss the people and the Burgoo there. I am the daughter of George Manker and Betty Schnitker and still have many many reliatives living there. Our family moved to Jacksonville in the summer before my Sophomore year in high school. I have lived in Houston since 1979, but still consider Illinois my home. I visit as often as I can, but haven't been able to make it to the Burgoo for some time. I'll have to change my priorities on that !! I'd sure like to hear from former classmates. Your website is fantastic - lots of hard work went into it.

Evelyn McFadden Scheff
Springfield, IL
Never lived in Arenzville
7:26:14 PM

I lived on Triopia-Literberry Road for 28 years. David, Philip and Ruth all graduated from Triopia. I enjoyed burgoo and seeing friends again today at the Burgoo and the soup is delicious! Carry on the custom!

Jack and Marti Fearneyhough
Peachtree City, Ga
Never lived in Arenzville
10:16:54 PM

What a great web site. Molly - you're the BEST !! Was born and raised in Beardstown and have wonderful memories of the greatest burgoo in the entire universe. Wish I could be there this year - will have to make better plans for next year's festival. My wife, Marti, is not from the area (Fort Payne, Ala., yes, she went to school with "the boys" as the group - Alabama - is referred to there) and she has always commented about how beautiful Arenzville is when arriving from the top of the hill from Triopia. It looks like many of the quaint German towns we have seen when visiting Molly and Steve. Anyway, thanks for the web site, and many, many thanks for the memories of "small town America" - what a great area of this county to call home!

Country Fan
Never lived in Arenzville
11:30:07 PM

Loved the intertainment on Sat!

Butch Stocker
R.R. 1  Arenzville IL
Current Arenzville resident
2:26:25 PM

I think you web site is very good i was pleased that community worked together and made this web site. Butch Stocker

Robin Manker
Former Arenzville resident
10:13:29 PM

I have thoroughly enjoyed your webpage. Thanks for the memories. I always proudly tell people that Arenzville is my hometown!

Karmen Kruse
Salem, Illinois
Former Arenzville resident
11:38:08 PM

Great job Mollie, and all others who contributed to this website. I look forward to being a regular site visitor, and seeing this work in progress. Burgoo helped put Arenzville on the map, thanks for putting us on the Web.

Cathy Lovekamp Goldsborough
New Market, Virginia
Former Arenzville resident
7:15:35 AM

I haven't been to the Burgoo in at least 10 years, but I really enjoyed seeing it on the Internet. It brings back many, many memories. It was fun to show everyone at work where I was from, and to try to explain what burgoo is. My parents are Richard and Marilyn Lovekamp, and my sister Susan Beard told me about the website. You've done a great job. Thanks for bringing back such good memories.

Sue Herzberger
Anchorage, Alaska
Never lived in Arenzville
9:17:31 PM

Wow! Great to see you have a web site. Marlin McCormick, manager of Bluff Springs Elevator, sent your address to me. I haven't cruised around in it much yet, but when I saw the Burgoo had a web site, it brought a grin to my face. Had any more bike-riding families lately?

And my status is Never Lived in Arenzville, but Bluff Springs is close, so hopefully that kinda counts. ;-)

Hank & Mardy Meyer
Jacksonville, IL 62650
Never lived in Arenzville
7:31:56 PM

We've been to many an Arenzville picnic. They have good pie, too. Sorry we missed this year; we were at the wedding of our grandson in Oregon. See you next year. Chris Carls told me to be sure and check out your web site and I think it is great. Congratulations! MM

Barbara (Witte) Craig
East Lansing,  MI
Former Arenzville resident
11:43:43 AM

This site is wonderful! Since my mom, Ethel Witte, and my brothers, Bob and Roger Witte, take part in this event, it's fun to look on via the internet. I know that Mom will have some Burgoo soup for me and my husband, Tom, in her freezer when we visit later this year!! I'll look forward to updates to this site and thank you for bringing Arenzville to the world.

Sharon Carls Powell
Nazareth, PA
Former Arenzville resident
3:34:14 PM

Loved the Web site -- Verwell done

Doug Stock
Kingsford, MI
Former Arenzville resident
5:38:16 PM

Molly, Nice job!!! Doug Stock

Becky Cunningham
Springfield, Il
Former Arenzville resident
8:20:28 AM

My 22 year old son was born Sept 1, 1976. We lived in an old brick house on Main street. Our home was roped off within all the Burgoo festivities. We lived right accross from the park. I went into labor during burgoo. Our car was roped in and we were blocked by several official vehicles. Tim Huey escorted us out of town with the firetruck, lights and siren. We called Jason our burgoo baby. Our older son Brad placed that evening in the parage with his little red wagon turned old covered wagon. Very similar the the picture you featured. We moved from Arenzville in 77.

Linda Stinson
Arenzville, Il.
Current Arenzville resident
3:11:31 PM

Great job Molly! I'm proud to be an Arenzville resident; previously a Beardstown river rat, just kidden! I married Joe Stinson, a true, blue Arenzvillian. It's a great place to live and raise a family. Our two offspring are Todd (soon to marry Kelly King of Lansing, Il.), and Tasha of St. Louis. Come and visit us sometime!

Ely Arenz Vargas
Carazinho, RS, Brazil
Never lived in Arenzville
11:23:56 AM

My name is ELY ARENZ VARGAS. I live in South Brazil. I am a retired teacher. My husband is a Medicin doctor(Alvaro Vargas) He searched the Arenz (Ahrens) roots. My great-great-grandfather migrated from Mecklemburg (Germany) in 1824, to Brazil. My city is Carazinho (60.000 in.) I enjoy your site. http://www.familytreemaker.com/users/v/a/r/Alvaro-R-Vargas/BOOK-0001/0000-0001.html (Vargas e Arenz History and Genealogy). Greetings

Jamie Morrison Spikes
Manhattan, KS
Former Arenzville resident
9:45:12 PM

I'm so sorry to have missed burgoo this year. It was the first time that the event was held on my birthday (9/11); however, I was there in spirit. Kansas has various small town festivals, but just nothing can compare with Burgoo.

Thanks for having this site available. You have done an excellent job.

Jerod Beard and Kevin Burrus
Current Arenzville resident
9:40:24 AM

Nice page molly

Tasha Stinson
St. Louis, MO
Former Arenzville resident
11:08:06 AM

This Website is great! I am currently a student at the St. Louis College of Pharmacy and I can't wait to move back to Arenzville. It's nice to have Arenzville on the Internet. I feel close to home when I visit the website and see some pictures of my home town. My parents are Joe and Linda Stinson and I have an older brother, Todd. And I am so excited to be moving back to Arenzville very soon!

Mark Bolt
Scott A.F.B
Wish I lived in Arenzville
12:26:34 PM

I came down for the Burgoo Fest with Steve Stocker while he was in town from Korea. I never visited your town untill that weekend and I had one of the best times in my life. Being from KY I could relate with a lot of things in your town. I can't wait to visit again. Maybe when Steve Stocker gets back for good. For now take care from Scott A.F.B. IL.

I currently live in Collinsville.

Rick Lippert
Morton, IL
Never lived in Arenzville
7:54:07 PM

Excellent web page. My father grew up on a farm south of town. Have many relatives in the area. Always enjoy visiting the area. Sorry to miss the Burgoo this year.

Joyce Maddox
Springhill TN
Never lived in Arenzville
10:06:53 PM

My grandmother Ethyl Arnez is a descendant of the founder of Arenzeville, Francis Arenz. I find it interesting that Great....grandaddy died in his fifties. Many of my relatives (cousins, uncles) have had heart attacks in their forties and fifties. Is this a trait we inherited from good old Frank? I guess that what happens when you are born on Halloween, bad genes. My children think it's great to have an ancester with a town named after him and they enjoy reading about the town history in the book about Arenzville. I love small towns and think your community spirit is fantastic. Would it be possible to have a recipe for Burgoo? I may have been eating it all my life and not know it. My mom makes a pretty good soup.

Don & Virginia Nickel
Colorado Springs Co
Former Arenzville resident
11:06:50 AM

Still refer to Arenzville as home

Stephanie Rolf
Normal, Il   ISU
Former Arenzville resident
2:48:20 PM

It was really nice to be "surfing" the net and find this extraordinary web page. I can't wait to tell my friends here at ISU about it so they can all find out more about where I am from. Thanks a lot to all who helped with it!

don witte
springfield il
Former Arenzville resident
8:43:51 PM

Ed Hackman
Imperial, Nebraska
Former Arenzville resident
3:40:19 PM

What a great web site! I feel as though I just took a trip back home. I am proud to call Arenzville my home town. I have many fond memories of growing up in a great era (the 50's)in a wonderful little town and I am just beginning to realize how fortunate I was. Thank you, Mollie for creating this wonderful web site and for rekindling a warm spot in my heart for Arenzville, my hometown. I will revisit this site often.

Daniel E Wilson (Dan)
Albuquerque NM and Crestveiw FL
Never lived in Arenzville
10:27:46 PM

Son of Myra Lovekamp/Wilson/Sundburg, grandson of Edwin and Mable Lovekamp, Hello to all my relatives, drop me a line

Amy (Clark) Bell
Peoria, Il.
Never lived in Arenzville
2:05:39 PM

I am the grandaughter of Jeane & Ralph Clark and daughter of Lanny Clark. Although I never lived in Arenzville, I have spent a lot of time there throughout my life. I love Arenzville and the people that live there. Although I'm related to many people there, even the ones I'm not related to feel like family. Going to Arenzville always feels like going home.

Roberta Ham Cutler
Dixon, IL
Never lived in Arenzville
7:56:51 PM

My dad was raised in Arenzville, and I still have alot of relatives there. It's a wonderful place to visit !

Bonnie (Manker) Wallace
Ashland, Illinois
Former Arenzville resident
6:09:16 PM

I was born in Arenzville the daughter of George Manker and Betty Schnitker, I moved to Jacksonville my senior year of high school 1961 and was part of the class that voted on the Triopia name. I still live near and come to the Burgoo every year. It still feels like home. This is a great idea Molly.

Alan Landis Clark
Grayslake, IL
Never lived in Arenzville
8:25:54 PM

I have many current and former relatives from Arenzville. The picture of the water tower is like looking out my grandmother's kitchen window (Jeane "Gaga" Clark). I can almost smell Thanksgiving dinner cooking. Hope to be in Arenzville soon with my wife Nancy and sons, Zachary David and Peter Landis.

P.S. Loved the pictures of my Dad in High School. Say hi to Gaga for me.

Robert Peck
Former Arenzville resident
10:25:11 PM

Hi Mollie. Have returned to Maryland after spending three weeks in Arenzville, with brother Willie & wife Dot. Have connected to Email just this week. Enjoyed your 1997 pictures of Burgoo. Just sorry I did not win the "Doors picture".

Chelle Beard Bley
Palm Harbor, FL
Former Arenzville resident
11:41:51 AM

After reviewing the entries and recognizing so many familiar names, I have to say HI and that I enjoy the website. Growing up in Arenzville surrounded by family and friends means alot to me and even more after leaving. Living in Palm Harbor, Florida with my husband, Tad and seven year old son, Aaron. I work for a telecommunications company as a programmer and web specialist. Still trying to talk my relatives into mailing down some Burgoo!

Kathy Logan Davis
Tower Hill, Illinois
Former Arenzville resident
10:13:16 PM

I was pleasantly surprised with the professionalism and quality of the Arenzville site. Anyone who would like to keep in touch, please feel free to do so. I graduated from Triopia in 1971.

Judy Logan Fowler
Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
Former Arenzville resident
10:37:02 AM

I have lived away from Arenzville since 1970, when I first married and moved to Jacksonville. I have since remarried and have lived in alot of different locations throughout the lower U.S. I have 2 teenagers still at home, and 2 daughters in Tulsa, Ok., as well as a 3rd grandchild on the way. We currently live in the east, this time 9 years, don't know how much longer we can take this, though. I miss the small-town atmosphere, and never living around family, I feel my children have missed alot, by not having relatives close by, also. I am currently going to school and would like to hear from others back home. Gotta go, Judy Fowler

Art Hinners
Seabrook, Texas
Wish I lived in Arenzville
11:37:33 AM

We're relatives of John and Evelyn Crawford, and Maxine sent me your Web site address. Please say "Hi" to John and Maxine for our family. We would like to come to the burgoo but can not do it this year. Art and Smitty Hinners

John E. Baird
spfld IL
Former Arenzville resident
12:41:23 PM

son of Lois Maxine Beard- Baird

Arthur & Smitty Hinners
Seabrook, Texas 77586
Never lived in Arenzville
11:44:30 AM

When I was in Arenzville this summer, I did not get to see Willie Peck. Would you please call him and and tell him I would like him to send me an E-mail message, or letter, if he prefers. Thank you!

Scott Lovekamp
Tallahassee, Florida
Former Arenzville resident
5:52:01 PM

Nice job Molly....really nice to see comments from friends I grew up with and family. My sister Susie told me about this site and how great it was...will be done with instructional league in two weeks and then back home in Tallahassee for the winter until spring training then on to Altoona, PA. Hi Aunt Cele, Roger and Sara and others I knew...miss the burgoo alot. members.aol.com/moundtalk

Mona and Troy Spoon
Dallas, Texas
Former Arenzville resident
10:42:48 PM

Glad to see that so many folks have visited. I can not believe the numbers that I knew. Everyone needs to wish my Grandmother, Grammy Peck, a happy 98th birthday as of October 20, 1998. She is the oldest living native of Arenzville and is still residing in Arenzville!!!

Rodney A. Fricke
Sacramento, CA 95818
Former Arenzville resident
1:27:08 PM

I chose former since I spent several summers living with my grandparents.

Great website!

I wish I could attend with my family but have school, work, and distance to consider.

Michael, Elaine Peck
Spring TX
Never lived in Arenzville
9:28:04 PM

Nice website! Mom kept bothering me to check this out, tell Willard we said hi.

Gary Nelson
Cairo, Egypt
Former Arenzville resident
4:15:42 PM

It seems like the Arenzville community spirit is alive & well. I don't make it back as often as I would like--even missed my 40th high school graduation anniversary this year. However, the memories of growing up in that little piece of heaven are still vivid and I feel blessed that my parents decided to settle in Arenzville before I started grade school. The web page, in addition to phone calls from my mother & father (Bud & Frances) keep me reasonably informed about what is going on in our little town. Thank you, Molly, and your staff of volunteers, for doing such a fine job of providing a means for us far away to look in the windows of Arenzville.

Jay Wessler
Former Arenzville resident
8:19:27 PM

Bethany Whewell
Macomb,IL  WIU
Former Arenzville resident
4:01:08 PM

It was great to come across this website!! I have lived in Arenzville all my life until I went away to college and it's crazy to think that a town so small has such a great website. For those of you who do not know who I am, my mother was a Lovekamp and my grandfather is Walter. The family just celebrated his 90th birthday and Hester and Tade Lovekamp's 70th anniversary. This is certainly something special we have going on here. Keep it up!!

Carolyn Ryan Wenneborg
Springfield, IL
Never lived in Arenzville
11:01:16 PM

My sister, Mary Ryan Beets just told me of the Arenzville website. She is married to Merv Beets, and her sister-in-law is Brenda Beets. I grew up in Beardstown, but have fond memories of visits to Arenzville, and the dear people in that special town. It's great seeing familar names and faces. I'll be visiting the site often.

Jenny Schone
Current Arenzville resident
4:29:19 PM

GO TROJANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #1 LETS GO BLUE

Andrea (Surratt) Nafziger
Edwardsville, IL
Never lived in Arenzville
11:33:45 AM

The website looks great! I loved seeing Grandpa Burrus on the world wide web, and I loved Grandma Burrus's comments about ham sandwiches! I have finally acquired a taste for Burgoo but I have to admit it was NOT my favorite food growing up! No offense!!!

Lois M. Beard Baird
Former Arenzville resident
2:33:30 PM

Kenny McMillen
Former Arenzville resident
7:46:38 AM

HEY, Just checking out the web page. It's pretty cool to see Arenzville on the net.

Susan Tharp
Paducah, KY
Never lived in Arenzville
1:57:56 PM

My mother grew up in Arenzville and I have visited there many times. She was Lucretia Mason, daughter of Floyd and Louise Mason. This is a very interesting web site and I have really enjoyed reading about the history of Arenzville.

beth (fricke) krug
cartersville, georgia
Former Arenzville resident
10:25:03 AM

(i'm not really a former arenzville resident but figure if my brother, rod… who failed to share his knowledge of this website with me…, can claim that status, i can, too.) my cousin, sue tharp, just sent me an e-mail about this website and i've been having a lot of fun this morning perusing the pages. i really enjoyed the "all-new burgoo review" and wish i lived close enough to partake. it truly is the world's best! luckily, pop (aka dick fricke… whose smiling face appears on page 5 of george folkert's pics) is an avid burgooee and, on occasion, will actually remember to save me some. naturally, i've got lots of relatives in the area… more than i really know. and my daughters and i always try to make time for a visit on our summer trek to ottawa, illinois. would you believe... i was talking about arenzville this morning… relating to a co-worker how as a kid, we used to spend thanksgiving/christmas with the grandparents and how my cousins, brother and i would tramp through the woods at grandpa mason's farm so we could explore the "old house"… a dilapidated farmstead located between the railroad tracks and indian creek. anywho… this is a wonderful website molly… SUPERB! i'll have to keep checking in for more news. hey to grandma fricke and all the relatives!!!! o, and happy 60th anniversary tade and hester!!! i hear y'all had a great party!

John Niemann
Des Moines, Iowa
Never lived in Arenzville
5:49:04 PM

My dad, William L. Niemann was born and raised in Arzenville. He was born in 1920 and now lives in Winnetka, Illinois (an "upstater"). He is an avid writer, and has just put together a collection of writings about his experiences growing up in the 20-30s in central Illinois. He didn't want to sign this guest book just yet, but I'd encourage you all to contact him at Niepiano at aol.com to exchange tales about Arzenville. I think one of the elementry kids should contact him to do a bio on him. The site looks great. John Niemann.

Susan "Beets" Bogan
Springfield, Virginia
Former Arenzville resident
6:04:10 PM

I am Merle Beets daughter, and visited Arenzville my entire life. Wilbur, Tim and 'Bill" Huey were my uncle, cousin and aunt. Everyone in town seemed related to mere as a child. I often wondered why it was not named Beetsville! I still make burgoo!

Kathy (Logan) Davis
Tower Hill, Illinois
Former Arenzville resident
5:08:36 PM

Hi Molly, Just wanted to let you know that I need to change my E-mail address. [done] You know how those servers are. They have a mind of their own!! I still would appreciate hearing from anyone from the Tri-City area. I am a 1971 graduate of Triopia.

Betty (Booker) Gamble
Waterford, CA
Former Arenzville resident
5:13:29 PM

Love your website - found out about it through Kathy Davis. Very informative & brought back fond memories of the burgoo festival.

Albert Alavera
Manila, Philippines
Never lived in Arenzville
7:36:59 AM

Please e-mail me the name (e-mail address) of person whom I can e-mail regarding Burgoo Festival last Octorber 2, 1998.

Carl Bischoff
Albuquerque New Mexico
Former Arenzville resident
11:38:03 PM

Hello ALL!!!!!! My sister-in-law, Pamela Zarf Bischoff found this page and sent it to me. I am IMPRESSED and so surprised to see my home town on the web!!!! This is cool I have not had a chance to review everything but I will. I would love to keep in contact with any of my okd friends there. You may email me if you like. I am so flabbergasted over this. As most of you know my father was pastor at St.Peters Lutherna church for the longest tenure, I believe. Mother, Patricia, passed away two years ago last September. Please write, any of you who remember me. THIS IS GREAT!!!!!!!! Carl Bischoff 2830 Valencia NE Albuquerque, NM 87110-3214 Email gacbiii@flash.net phone---505-883-4781.

Phelps Shepard
Kennewick, WA
Never lived in Arenzville
2:24:48 PM

Never lived in Chapin's north 'burb but in the City itself, Chapin. This is a wonderful little site, Molly. Roger and Sara told me of it. I really, really regret all those past opportunites to have burgoo that I passed on in favor of a hamburger or something (I think I was too leery of all those lost cat tales..). I would love to try it again. Someday if we are back in Midwest in Fall will definitely do it. Arenzville is very lucky to have so many loyal, devoted "alumni". Good luck with all future burgoos. I have told friends in the Northwest of burgoo but no one knew of it--now I have proof.

Sam Mangieri, Jr.
Abingdon, Il
Never lived in Arenzville
9:41:47 PM

Molly and all, Thanks for telling about the Website. Great Job!! Not like I'm an expert at websites. It always seems like you folks from Triopia always do things a little better than most. Must be in the water. Happy Holidays!!!

Barb Dufelmeier Davenport
Jacksonville, IL
Former Arenzville resident
12:23:13 AM

The Arenzville web site is just wonderful. I have great memories of growing up in Arenzville and have shared many stories with my daughter and son. Merry Christmas to everyone!

Brad Bartholomew
Boston, MA
Former Arenzville resident
11:08:40 AM

I have been waiting breathlessly for the 1998 page to come out. Can't wait until it is finished. In my opinion, you can't have enough of John Crawford, Don Wessler and Rusty Lutkehus on the web.

Keep up the good work and let's get on with the story of Friday and Saturday.

Didn't the burgoo used to be Wednesday and Thursday?? Has that changed the flavor?

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