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Map and Directions

map of Arenzville locationArenzville is 50 miles west of Springfield, IL, between Jacksonville and Beardstown (see map at right).

Directions for drivers:

Coming from Jacksonville, take I-72 west and follow signs for Route 67 to Beardstown and Macomb to the Concord-Arenvzville Road. Turn right (north) on the Concord-Arenzville Road, and continue through the village of Concord toward Arenzville, approximately another 4 miles.

Coming from Beardstown, take route 125 east (toward Virginia). At the stoplight on the east side of Beardstown, turn right and take the Arenzville road to the south. It is about 10 miles to Arenzville. The Burgoo festival is held in the town park, but streets in this area are blocked off. Parking is permitted on village streets unless otherwise indicated.

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