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Soup Town, an Arenzville Snapshot, is a new book by Ken Bradbury. It features photos of familiar places -- scenes that will recall some of the warmest memories from your childhood -- and comments from people whose names are stuck in your heart.

I've ordered a dozen copies of this book myself as gifts to family members, and I can tell you that it's a wonderful collection of photos and stories. The stories are told through letters, comments, quotes, interviews and a collection of tales from people Ken contacted. The photos will provoke fond memories of our beloved town, and the words on the pages will lead you in a virtual walk down the main street of town. You owe it to yourself to have a copy of this book.

Information about the book and how to order it can be found online at this link:

Ken is donating proceeds from the sales of his book to the Side Door Christian Youth Center in Arenzville -- a worthy cause!

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