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Coach Don Kemp was a man held in high esteem by the Arenzville community. His influence on many thousands of students would be impossible to gauge. We mourn his loss but celebrate his life.

Click here to read a summary of remarks at the special memorial service held to honor Coach on Sunday, Sept. 10, 2006, at the Triopia High School gymnasium.

The Springfield and Jacksonville newspapers each published tributes to this great man. Their articles are reproduced here with permission. Readers are invited to share their memories of Coach by leaving comments in this web site's blog.

Yearbook Dedication, 1957 The Raiders

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We the Seniors of 1957 of Arenzville High School wish to dedicate this edition of the Raider to Mr. Donald Kemp. Mr. Kemp has been our class advisor for the past four years. He has helped us through many difficult situations and shown much interest in all our activities.

Mr. Kemp was born in Stronghurst, Illinois, on November 15, 1926. He attended Western Illinois State College. In 1953, Mr. Kemp came to teach at Arenzville High School.

For the countless hours of patience and guidance that Mr. Kemp has extended to us, we wish to offer our sincere thanks.

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