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Below is a list of men who indicated "Arenzville" as their place of residence when they enlisted in the Union Army during the Civil War. For more information, link to the Illinois State Archives's Database of Civil War Veterans. Some soldiers who were actually part of the Arenzville community but lived in nearby rural areas may have enlisted under the name of other towns (e.g. search the database for "Concord" or "Arcadia.") If you are interested in genealogy, visit the Cass County, IL, GenWeb page (maintained by a former resident of Arenzville!)
          NAME                       COMPANY & UNIT
          APPLE, AUGUST               G  34 INF
          BAKER, FREDERICK            D  154 INF
          BAKER, JOHN                 D  154 INF
          BENNETT, SAMUEL             D  113 INF
          BIRCHLIN, CHARLES           G  18 INF CON 
          BOWYER, MATHEW P            G  18 INF CON
          BRIM, PETER                 I  115 INF
          BUCK, ALBERT                K  101 INF
          CARNEY, FRANCIS S           G  18 INF CON 
          CLARK, JOHN S               I  115 INF 
          COFFIELD, ALFRED H          B  101 INF
          DUNN, JOHN                  D  113 INF
          DUVAL, HENRY                I  115 INF
          FOX, MARTIN                 B  101 INF
          FOZZARD, JAMES B            K  101 INF 
          FRICKS, HERMAN              I  115 INF
          GINDER, JAMES R             G  18 INF CON 
          GREEN, GEORGE W             G  18 INF CON 
          HEIDBRINKER, HENRY          G  34 INF
          HEITZ, JOSEPH               K  27 INF
          HEITZ, SOPHA                K  27 INF
          HOFFERBERT, GEORGE          B  101 INF
          JACKSON, ELIJAH             I  115 INF
          JACKSON, MILTON                113 INF
          KARR, PETER                 B  101 INF
          KENWORTHY, JOSEPH S         B  101 INF
          KRAFT, WILLIAM              G  18 INF CON 
          LEONARD, GEORGE W           G  18 INF CON
          MAINE, JAMES                K  101 INF
          MATHEWS, BENJAMIN C         K  101 INF
          MATHEWS, FRANKLIN E         K  101 INF 
          MEIER, HENRY                G  34 INF
          MILLER, JOHN R              G  18 INF CON 
          MILLER, MOSES               G  18 INF CON
          MORRISON, JOHN              K  101 INF 
          MOSS, WILLIAM H             H  36 INF
          MULLER, ERNST               G  34 INF
          MUNDELL, THOMAS J           E  36 INF 
          NEWMAN, FREDERICK           K  27 INF 
          PLANK, JOHN H               A  14 INF
          RENCHLEIR, FREDERICK        G  18 INF CON 
          ROBINSON, ALEXANDER         K  101 INF
          ROGGE, HENRY                G  34 INF 
          ROGGE, WILLIAM              G  34 INF 
          RUDISILL, RICHARD           G  34 INF 
          RUSSELL, WILLIAM G          B  101 INF 
          SCHAEFER, HENRY             G  18 INF CON 
          SMITH, JAMES M              G  34 INF 
          STRICKLIN, JONATHAN         B  101 INF 
          TELKEMEYER, HENRY           I  115 I
          WOODS, WILLIAM              G  18 INF CON 
          YECK, JACOB                 C  3 CAV   




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