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Bones of a Dinosaur

frankie.jpg (10599 bytes)Frankie Paul is shown here in the photo to the left with a large bone he found in 1939 in Prairie Creek, not far from Arenzville. When I asked Frankie if he had ever shown the relic to a museum, he said, "Yeah. They wanted me to find some more."

Arrowheads, flint spear heads and stone tools have also been found in the area, evidence of the early cultures of Native Americans who lived on the rich bottom lands and hunted in the region.


Latin Farmers

From Perrin's History of Cass County, 1882:

Among the early emigrants from Germany, were many who had been accustomed to good society, and had enjoyed the advantages of superior education. Some held diplomas from colleges and universities. As most Germans, they were lovers of music, and some could play on one or more musical instruments. The pioneer lives in a new country, where hard labor, coupled with innumerable privations, without amusements of any kind, necessarily drew that class together, who could not bring themselves to the belief that the only aim and object in life should henceforth be devoted to hard work only, for which they at best could only get board and clothing. They were generally called the "Latin farmers." A club, or society circle was formed, and social gatherings were had, sometimes at the house of one member, sometimes at another. Little concerts were gotten up, the instruments being piano, violin, flute, and violoncello. Dancing parties were occasionally arranged, and large hunting parties. A musical band was afterward organized under the leadership of a Mr. Holtzermann. This social circle continued for many years, until finally, when the number had increased to such proportion that no room was large enough to hold them, and some of the original members had by death, or removal to other parts of the country, made their places vacant, this very pleasant and useful club came to an end.




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