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From Virgil M. Dowdall's 1968 supplement to Perrin's History of Cass County:

Methodist Church"During the 1894-95 conference year, Rev. A. C. Hunter organized the Methodist Episcopal Church of Arenzville, with a membership of twenty-four. Prior to 1895 Methodist ministers from Concord served this community in what [was] the Presbyterian Church. The Community Church aforementioned was a union church and as such was used by the Methodists until 1905, when the present building was erected.

"The new church building was planned under the leadership of Rev. T. A. Adams, with a committee of lay members consisting of John L. Weeks and Charles E. Williamson, assisted by the community and other lay members. The lot was donated by William Arenz, and the building, which cost $3,789, was dedicated on October 29, 1905, with an all-day program. In 1967 two members of that early date are continuing members of this church: Mrs. H. W. (Katherine) Wood, and Mrs. Lorenzo (Cora) Burrus, Mrs. Wood being a charter member.

"In 1939, the Methodist Episcopal Churches, the Methodist Episcopal Churches South, and the Methodist Protestant Churches of America merged into one church and became known as the Methodist church.

"The original church building has undergone many changes since the original structure was erected. A full basement was added, which served the dual purpose of Sunday School space and kitchen. The furnace has been converted from hand-fired to stoker, to gas. The original light was from kerosene lamps, then to acetylene lights, and finally to electricity. The original musical instrument, a piano, was replaced by a reed organ, and finally by the present instrument, a Hammond organ. Extensive remodeling to the sanctuary was undertaken in 1967. The original pews were removed, the floor plan changed, new pews and altar and carpet were added. The membership has grown from the original twenty-four to over one hundred and fifty.

" Worship services at 9:30 a.m. on Sundays, Sunday School at 10:30 a.m.


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