homegrwn.jpg (9897 bytes)The Arenzville web site really is a home-grown effort. It began in 1998 with the blessing of the Village Board, as a volunteer project managed by Molly Daniel. Donations from business and individuals got the project off to a great start, and revenue from sales of T-shirts at the Burgoo helped ensure the operation of the project for many years.

As of August 2023, I have ceased fundraising activities to support this site but will continue to cover the annual costs from my personal resources. These costs amount to approximately $190 each year to secure the domain name of burgoo.org and pay for web hosting and security fees.

I wish to acknowledge the enduring support of the Arenzville community, and particularly the generous and consistent support of Jack and Ken Hansemeier. I will continue to edit and maintain this website as long as I am able. I created the project as a resource to connect Arenzville to the world (and vice versa), and I hope it continues to serve this purpose for years to come.

Molly Daniel
Volunteer Webmaster


© 2023 Molly Daniel  

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