This web page is a community project supported by many donations from businesses, organizations and individuals who appreciate the Village of Arenzville. Please let our sponsors know that you appreciate their support. Their contributions have helped pay for the costs of hosting this web page on servers. The website is hosted on servers of Go

The web site is maintained by volunteers. The generous support of the following organizations and individuals is gratefully acknowledged:

Supporting at the Kettle Level:

First National Bank of Arenzville (1998)
110 S. Charles, P.O. Box 19, Arenzville, IL 62611
tel. (217) 997-5585; email:

Wessler Brothers Agency (1998)
301 West Main, Arenzville, IL 62611
Jeff Wessler, Virginia: tel. 217-452-7743
Jay Wessler, Arenzville: tel. 217-997-5565

Burrus Seed (1998)
Burrus Bros. & Associates Growers
826 Arenzville Road, Arenzville, IL 62611-9604
tel. (toll-free) 877-4-BURRUS, (217) 997-5511, fax (217) 997-5522


Beard Implement Company (1998)
Arenzville, (217) 997-5514 - Gerry Beard, 997-2335, Rodney Stock 997-2209
Ashland, (217) 476-3386 - Aaron Romine 476-8142, Duane Hess 243-1075
Pittsfield, (217) 285-6876- Tom Dunn, (217) 335-2191

Arenzville Community Club (1998)

Arenzville Anti-Thief Association (1998)

Generous donations have been received from these individuals and families, some of whom are loyal annual contributors to the support of this website.

  • Robert Peck and Family
  • Nick and Elizabeth Nickel
  • Barbara Fowler
  • Jack and Karl (Kent) Hansmeier

Supporting the web site at the Gallon Level:

powell.jpg (4603 bytes)
Sharon Carls Powell and Powell Associates, Nazareth, PA (1998)

Supporting the web site at the Quart Level (1998 donations):

  • Triopia Women's Club, Arenzville, Concord & Chapin
  • Barb and Rick Lovekamp, Arenzville, IL
  • Roberta Clark, Arenzville, IL
  • Sara and Roger Burrus, Urbana, IL
  • Janice Fox, Virginia, IL
  • Brenda Beets, Arenzville
  • Arenzville Woman's Club 
  • Deborah Schnepper, Rochester, IL
  • Don Nickel and family, Colorado Springs, CO
  • Karmen Kruse, Salem, IL

Supporting the web site at the Bowl Level:

  • Clyde Ginder, Arenzville, IL (1998)
  • Annis Householder, Romney, WV (1998)
  • Barbara Fowler, Columbus, OH (1998)

Supporting the website at the teaspoon level (1998 raffle purchases):

David Beard
Jim Beard
Myron Beard
Brenda Beets
Mike Beets
Mary Beth Hackman, Beardstown
Bob Braner
Adelle Burrus
L. Burrus
Althea Carls
Leesa Carls, Chicago
Steven Carls, Greenview, FL
Jeanne Carry, Griggsville
Jeane Clark
Maxine Crawford
Joan Delaney
Barbara Fowler, Cleveland, OH
Robert Goodpasture
Virgil Hamm, Browning
Jean Haynes
June Houston
Michelle Huey
Katie Huffman, Virginia
Skezix Kleinschmidt
Jeff Koch
Theresa Langley
S. Lascelles, Oakford
Ann Lawson, Beardstown
Arenzville Library (contribution by anonymous guest at the Burgoo)
Barb Lovekamp
Doris Lovekamp
Rick Lovekamp
Joann Manuel
Lindy Marshall
Shirley Nelson, Frostproof, FL
Ted Nelson, Frostproof, FL
Harold Nobis
Marie Paul
Mike Paul
Robert Peck, Rockville, MD
Willie Peck
Debbie Schnepper
Janice Schone
Rosalie Schone
Louise Schroeder
Jane Slavens
Dee Thomas, Concord
Banjo Waibel
Bonnie Wallace, Ashland
Randy Whewell
Bev Zirkle


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