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by Joe R. Cates, Fifth Grade
Triopia Elementary School

willie.jpg (27957 bytes)Willie Peck was born on August fourteenth, nineteen twenty, here in Arenzville. He has been a big help here in Arenzville. He helped establish a fire department and he helped build a ballpark and he helped with the burgoo. If he could improve anything he said he would improve senior housing.

His first job was working at a grocery store for five years. His second job was driving a candy truck. He did this for three years. His third job (the one he has today) was at this gas station. He has done this for fifty-three years.

He bought his house. The gas station was always a part of it. He has been married for fifty-three years.

He likes Arenzville because it's quiet and not as loud as the city. He also says the town has changed quite a bit. He says there aren't near as many businesses as there were.

He went to Arenzville Zuscka School. His favorite teacher was Homer Dahman. His favorite subject is math. He graduated from school in nineteen thirty-seven.

His favorite sport was baseball. He played it alot when he was a kid. He also played marbles in the school's basement. He was also on the track team.

He didn't fight in the war but he drove his candy truck up in Havana. He said there would be a guard at every intersection and as he drove by he would throw a candy bar to the guard. The guard would wave at him.

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by Janelle Davidson, Fifth Grade
Triopia Elementary School

pecks.jpg (28368 bytes)Born and raised in Arenzville. His hero is Mark McGwire.

He owns a station. His favorite thing about running the station is that he gets to see all the kids. The worst thing about running the station is sitting there all by himself. The gas when he started working was only 16 cents a gallon. His greatest accomplish was being able to service people. He started working at the station because he likes cashiering.

He worked at a store were Trinity is now. He drove a candy truck. He drove a school bus for 38 years.

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by Carly Joehl, Fifth Grade
Triopia Elementary School

Willie Peck is my hometown hero. I chose him because he is a good friend. Willie was born August 14, 1920, which makes him 78 years old. He has two sisters and six brothers, but one brother died.

Willie got married to Dot in 1943. They had three children named Janice, Elaine, and Dennis. Willie has lived in Arenzville all of his life except for the 3 years he drove a candy truck in Havana. He likes living in Arenzville because it is quiet.

Willie always liked working on cars so he bought his business in 1945. The name of his business is Peck's Standard Service. What Willie likes best about his business is meeting all of the people. He likes to talk. The E.P.A. will make Willie close down his gas business in December. He is very sad about this.

Willie also has some grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Rebecca, Matthew, Peter, Dennis, Jr., Melisa, Jamie, and Michel are his grandchildren. Willie's great-grandchildren are triplets! They were born on September 15, 1997 and their names are Noah, Chole and Marissa. He is very proud of them.

I guess that tells you enough about Willie. I think Willie has made a difference in my town because he is so friendly and caring.

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by Amanda McLain, Fifth Grade
Triopia Elementary School

Willie Peck is the son of Lyman and Julia Peck. Willie was born in Arenzville on August 14, 1920. He was the third oldest in his family. He had three sister, one whom died at the young age of one. He has five brothers only one of them has pasted away. His wife's name is Dorothy. He is the father of three children, Janice, Elaine, and Dennis. He is also the grandpa of seven grandchildren. He is the great-grandpa of triplets.

faces419.jpg (24642 bytes)He lived in Havana for three years. While he lived in Havana he drove a candy truck! Then he moved back to Arenzville and has been here ever since! He drove the school bus for thirty eight years. He was village clerk for twenty four years. He likes living in Arenzville. When he was in high school he worked in a restaurant. He also worked at the grocery store which was located at Luther Hall. Willie has ran the gas station for almost fifty three years. Willie enjoys running the gas station.

His favorite vacation spots are Michigan, Wisconsin, and Texas. He likes visiting those spots because his grandchildren and great-grandchildren live their. He also used to go fishing there. His favorite color is red. That's the color of his hair!

His favorite memory of Arenzville is when he went down to Indian Creek when he was a child and went swimming. They would get back up and somebody would say, "Let's go swimming again!" And they would go swimming again! That would happen about six or seven times each day!

Also four years ago he had heart surgery in Wisconsin. Kids from the school sent him get well cards. They meant a lot to him. He still has them!

His favorite memory of running the gas station was when they had the Fifty Year Anniversary!

I chose Willie has a hometown hero because he has ran the gas station for almost fifty three years and he is a big part of Arenzville!


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