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by Wesley Ham, Fifth Grade
Triopia Elementary School

hester.jpg (18907 bytes)I'm doing a biography on Hester Lovekamp and it tells you about her long life. First, she went to school from 1914-1928. Hester graduated in 1928. She has a husband named Tade.

She wrote a book about Arenzville in 1988. She got the idea out of a piece of paper in a city in New York that wrote a book about their town so she did the same. She and her husband were the only ones that helped make the book. She said after all the time she took making that book that she won't write another one.

The person who has lived the longest in the same house for the longest time, for as long as she can remember, is Faye Hierman. She was born and is still living in the same house in Arenzville. Shie is past 80 now.

The last thing I asked her was what was her best memory of living in Arenzville. It was her wedding. That's the end of my biography on Hester Lovekamp.


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