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by Brian Shaw, Fifth Grade
Triopia Elementary School

francis.jpg (21250 bytes)My report is on Francis Staake. Francis lives outside of Arenzville. He has lived in Arenzville 48 years. Francis was in World War 2. Francis rode on a Minesweeper. He was in the war from 1944-1945.

The U.S.S. Roselle AM 379 was the ship that he rode on. On Aug 7, 1944 the Americans dropped an atomic bomb on Japan. On Aug 9, 1945 the Americans dropped the second atomic bomb. There were millions of people in the war. They dropped the bomb where the biggest Catholic church in the world was. There were a lot of homes destroyed in Japan. A lot of factories were destroyed.

Francis didn't ride in a tank. They did 15 months of minesweeping activities. Francis got off the ship in the town of Nagasaki. After Japan had surrendered the ships came back home and the men ran to their families in joy. Francis then went home. That's my report on Francis Staake.


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