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by Allison Phelps, Fifth Grade
Triopia Elementary School

frarenz.jpg (7831 bytes)Francis Arenz was born October 31, 1800 in Germany. He married Louis Boss. He and Louis came to America in 1827. Mr. Arenz and his wife had nine kids: Henrietta, Louis, Francis, Mary Ann, Oscar, Susan, Albert, Laura, and Henry.

One of his friends was Thomas Beard. They built a church and a school together. Mr. Arenz believed that people needed a school education.

Mr. Arenz lived to be 56 years old. Mr. Arenz died April 3, 1856.

Arenzville was named for Mr. Arenz in 1852. Mr. Arenz's house is still in Arenzville today and his house is 171 years old. There are some Arenzes living in Beardstown and Beards living in Arenzville.

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Francis Arenz

by Matt Schone, Fifth Grade
Triopia Elementary School

Arenz homeFrancis Arenz was the founder of Arenzville. He was also the founder of Beardstown. His partner Thomas Beard well, Beardstown was named after him. Mr. Arenz's house was the first one built in Arenzville. It's located behind Reggies. It was built in 1839.

He was born October 31, 1800. That means that if he was still alive he would be 198 years old. He was the mayor of Arenzville through 1853-1854. He founded Arenzville in 1839. He also founded Beardstown but named it after his good friend Thomas Beard. He had 9 children Henrietta, Louisa, Mary Ann, Oscar, Susan, Albert, Laura, and Henry. He died in 1856 on April 3, 1856. He was 56 years old.

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Francis Arenz

by Nick Stephens, Fifth Grade
Triopia Elementary School

Francis Arenz was an immigrant from Germany. He was born in Blackenburg, Rhein, Prussia, October 31, 1800. He came to America in 1827, spent two years in Kentucky, and settled in Arenzville in 1839.

He was married to Louisa Boss and had nine children. Their names were Henrietta, Louisa, Francis, Mary Ann, Oscar, Susan, Albert, Laura and Henry. Francis Arenz also became a good friend with Thomas Beard.

Thomas Beard founded Beardstown. Together Mr. Arenz and Mr. Beard built a church-school in Beardstown. It was very successful. Mr. Arenz and Mr. Beard were such good friends that Mr. Beard named his first son Francis Arenz Beard.

While Mr. Arenz was in Beardstown he was a merchant and a newspaper editor for the "Beardstown Chronicle" and the "Illinois Land Register" which he founded in 1833. He was also a contractor for guns during the Black Hawk War. He statyed in Beardstown until money was hard to make. Then he was forced to move to some land about 8 miles from Beardstown, which would soon be Arenzville. He already owned land so he built a house. He bought a gristmill in 1833 and the land his house is on was part of the purchase.

In 1849 he laid out the plan of Arenzville. Then in 1852 he visited Germany. When Mr. Arenz came back in 1853 he organized Arenzville as a village. He spent his last few years in Arenzville and then died in 1856.

His house is currently owned by Janette Huey. The gristmill is now the lumberyard.


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