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by Paul Schone, Fifth Grade
Triopia Elementary School

I am writing a report on Mr. A. C. Hart. He is 95 years old! He was born and raised in Lee County, Illinois, and moved to Arenzville in 1927. He is married to Charlotte. Mrs. Hart's maiden name was Charlotte Engelbach. She was also from Arenzville. Her father was a banker in the town. Some of the streets were named after her family.

I chose to write about Mr. A. C. Hart because he planted a ton of trees to make the town look beautiful and they provide homes for animals and birds.

Mr. A. C. Hart began planting trees when he was a young man. He planted over 500,000 trees!!! The trees covered over 450 acres around Arenzville.

People have enjoyed the trees for many years. They are homes to many birds and animals. We have enjoyed hiking and riding our horses through them. We also gather the pinecones and burn them in our fireplace.

Mr. A. C. Hart has always loved nature and always will and that is why he planted the trees. People and animals have enjoyed the trees for a long time and will still enjoy them for years to come.

pines.jpg (29031 bytes)
Some trees planted by A. C. Hart.


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