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By Adam Cox

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by Jackie Burns, Fifth Grade
Triopia Elementary School

adelle.jpg (14240 bytes)This is an essay about a hero in my home town. Her name is Adelle Burrus, she lives four miles outside of Arenzville, IL. She has lived in Arenzville for 18 years. Her husband is Martin Burrus. He owns and operates Burrus Seed Farm located in rural Arenzville, IL. Adelle takes care of Martin and their home. Adelles does many VOLUNTEER jobs in the are community such as GOD'S KIDS, it is for kids in grades 2-6, 5-days a week, at GOD'S KIDS we learn about JESUS and we have lots of fun, it is at the United Methodist Church. She is the founder of this program. It was started in 1984 and still continues today. Adelles says we are all her children because we are all GOD'S children. I asked Adelle if she could give any advice to a young person, what would it be, and she said go to church and sunday school to learn all about JESUS, and to do unto others as you would have them do unto you. I believe her. To me Adelle is a true home town hero.

by Adam Cox, Fifth Grade
Triopia Elementary School

Adelle Burrus has not lived in Arenzville all of her life. She's lived in Northern Minnesota in a small town called Fisher with a population of 350 people. She has lived in Arenzville for 18 years.

Adelle has been a member of the United Methodist Church of Arenzville for 18 years.

In the town of Arenzville Adelle's favorite thing is the caring community because everybody helps everybody.

Adelle started business with Burrus in the year 1980. Her husband Martin started in the year 1938.

When Adelle was younger she did not detassle corn, instead she picked potatoes. However, when her husband was younger he detassled corn.

Adelle got the idea to start God's Kids when she was teaching Sunday School. A girl in the 4th grade was very bored. The little girl's name was Sherry Gardener. Adelle first started with the 4th and 5th graders. Then they invited the 2nd and 3rd graders. They started by doing crafts. She was in a lady's health club which gave her the idea to bring in the exercise equipment.

Adelle first began God's Kids in September 1984 with a group of four girls. Adelle has taught God's Kids for 13 years. Her largest group ever was 186 kids!

Adelle has now retired from God's Kids and has been traveling the past two years.

The thing that inspired her the most is young people, because they make her feel young.

At God's Kids it was a lot of work, but she got all the blessings, because she got all the young people, and some are now married.


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