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Arenz Descendents Visit
Allene Arenz, Marcia Boyle and Tom Casper
Allene Arenz (left) who traveled from Texas, and her daughter Marcia Boyle (center) who traveled from California, meet their cousin, Tom Casper, who traveled from southern Illinois, at the 2015 Arenzville Burgoo. All of them are descendants of the town's founder, Francis Arenz, but met for the first time in Arenzville.
Hart family members and Arenz descendants

Members of the Hart family welcome descendants of Francis Arenz to the 2015 Arenzville Burgoo. From left, front row: Karla Weldon, Marcia Boyle, Allene Arenz. Back row: Neal Hart, Bob Weldon, Tom Casper, and Sam Frazier.

Allene, Marcia and Tom -- all descendants of Francis Arenz -- honored our village with a visit to the Burgoo this year. We were happy to have them and hope they will come back again!

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Welcome to the web site for the Village of Arenzville, Illinois. This web page is a community project, supported by donations from businesses, organizations and individuals in the Arenzville community.

Located in the fertile farm country of west central Illinois, Arenzville is named for Francis Arenz, an immigrant from Blankenberg, Prussia, who first planned the town in 1839. The town name is pronounced with an accent on the first syllable, rhyming with "barns" -- ARENZ--ville. The village was first incorporated in 1853, and today has a population slightly over 400 persons. We celebrated our 175th year in 2014.

Arenzville proudly claims to be the home of the world's best burgoo, a local tradition we share with other communities in the region. Each year in September, the town hosts a two-day festival to benefit community organizations. The Arenzville Burgoo has been an annual event for over 100 years. It is organized and produced by volunteers, and all proceeds go to support community organizations. The residents of Arenzville encourage you to explore the web site and learn more about our town, the Burgoo, and community activities. We hope that you will come visit us someday soon.

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